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Get to Know MachineLOG IT at the International Engineering Fair in Brno!

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Would you like to optimize the efficiency of your production? Do you need to speed up communication between the production chain members? Could you do with online and automatically updated manuals and easy placing of spare part orders related to both machines and tools? Our unique MachineLOG IT system can help you with all that. You can find more about the system at the 2018 International Engineering Fair in Brno.

MachineLOG IT
MachineLOG IT will help you keep your production data ordered at every stage of the production process.

MachineLOG IT: Boost the Efficiency of Your Production

Let’s say that at the end there are the plastic beverage cups handed out to festival visitors. But even with such a simple product the production process requires smooth cooperation of an array of production chain members.

  • Investor
  • Moulding shop
  • Product design group
  • Toolshop
  • Supplier

Now, what if each member of the production chain is located in a different country? How do you keep all of them informed of the overall production process and ensure smooth communication? Our MachineLOG IT can interlink the whole production process in a smart way.

Everything is online. MachineLOG IT is a shared comprehensive support system for the injection moulding industry, including machines, tools and larger technological units. Important information is shared with whoever is involved in production and can easily be entered into the system; thus, the system ensures better and simpler support for technicians, at the same time serving as a reliable source of information for the management.  

How Can MachineLOG IT Help You

How does MachineLOG IT work? The system features a semi-automatically updated database of information, including problems and their solutions, significantly increasing production efficiency, minimizing downtimes and improving services. So what can it help you with?

  • Manual creation
    You can share, update and translate information. In this way, all the production members will always have the necessary instructions at hand (e.g. related to machine operation).
  • Spare part orders
    You only need to fill in a supplier name, then select a machine with a single click and place an order for a spare part.
  • Knowledge database creation
    The system stores data regarding all service operations and offers extensive analytical possibilities.
  • Data storage and sorting
    All production-related data as well as those need to solve problems are available online and in many language versions.
  • The system allows for fast communication among all participants in the production process and speeds up the production and service processes.

As a comprehensive knowledge database, communication interface and service support system, MachineLOG IT makes your production process much faster than it ever was before. What used to take weeks can now be handled in a matter of minutes with a few smartphone clicks.

Learn more about our unique MachineLOG IT system at the MSV 2018 in Brno.

What Advantages Can IT Bring to Your Company? Find Out at MSV 2018 in Brno!

MachineLOG IT has already helped optimize production to these companies. Would you like to know how the system can be beneficial for your business? Get in touch with us and learn more about MachineLOG IT at the 2018 International Engineering Fair in Brno. The system can be utilized in many areas and you can be one of the many companies to make use of its benefits.

The International Engineering Fair takes place from the 1st to the 5th of October at the Brno Exhibition Centre and has an annual attendance of around 1 600 exhibitors and over 80 000 visitors. It is the largest event of its kind in Central Europe. Come and see us there and get to know our MachineLOG IT!

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