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IEF 2018 is coming! Come and Visit Our MachineLOG IT Stand

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We all know the returnable plastic cups that are often handed out to visitors to music festivals. Their production, however, is no easy task. How do you stay in control of a highly complex production process involving several different companies?

Located in different countries, the investor, molding shop, construction group, toolworks and supplier need to discuss various issues (e.g. machine and tool failures). Fast communication is a must. MachineLOG IT can help you streamline the production and service processes. This unique system will be introduced at 2018’s International Engineering Fair taking place at the beginning of October.

MachineLOG IT efficiently connects all participants in the production chain.

MachineLOG IT Gives You Full Control over Your Production

Thanks to MachineLOG IT, your management will always know how many parts have been produced; also, service technicians will be able to easily identify the correct solution to any problem and order spare parts with a single mouse click. Manuals to all the machines and tools will be accessible online and staff changes will not hinder production in any way. Does that sound like utopia? With our unique MachineLOG IT system it becomes reality.   

MachineLOG IT also serves as a comprehensive knowledge database. Real-time online sharing of all information related to production and service connects all participants in the production chain, minimizes downtimes and saves production-related costs. How does it work? Find out at the International Engineering Fair 2018!

What Advantages the System will Bring to You:

The integration of MachineLOG IT into the production process will bring numerous benefits to your company.

  • MachineLOG IT stores all data related to operation, maintenance and service of injection molding machines and tools. The data are then made available to you from anywhere in the world.
  • Information on the number of produced parts and all service operations is contained in a knowledge base created by the system. In this way, all participants in the production process can access the information simultaneously and in real time, which eliminates endless problem-solving.   
  • Simple tool and machine identification using a QR code allows for easy, single-click ordering of spare parts. It also eliminates lengthy e-mail and phone communications.  The data related to production and service only need to be entered into the online system where they are made available to all competent persons.

Streamline Your Production Process

MachineLOG IT speeds up communication processes and increases the efficiency of the production process.

  • All information is available online and in many language versions.
  • The system connects all participants in the production chain, no matter where they are located.
  • MachineLOG IT minimizes time spent on communication and problem-solving.
  • MachineLOG IT saves costs.

Our unique system will give you a decisive edge over your competitors. Come and visit our MachineLOG IT stand at the International Engineering Fair 2018 and become one of the satisfied users.

The International Engineering Fair begins on 1st October

Stay in Control of Your Production Processes: Get to Know MachineLOG at the IEF 2018

Would you like to be able to oversee your production processes online, from the convenience of your computer, and to save yourself and your employees significant amounts of work? Find out how MachineLOG IT can help your project.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to arrange a no-obligation meeting with you to discuss how our system can help you minimize communication noises, speed up repairs and save costs. You can also visit our stand at this year’s IEF in Brno. You’ll find us in the G1 Exhibition Hall, stands No. 47 and 68.

Why You Can’t be Missing from the IEF

The International Engineering Fair in Brno is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe with an annual attendance of over 1 600 exhibitors and 80 000 visitors. Make sure to come to discover the latest inventions and draw some inspiration.   

The event takes place from 1st to 5th October, when you can stop by our MachineLOG IT stand. We’ll be happy to show you how you can streamline and gain better control of your production process. Get in touch with us to be ahead of the game and learn everything you want to know about this unique system.

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