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MachineLOG IT Facilitates Nicknack Cup Production

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We all know them and drink from them on many occasions. Returnable Nicknack cups are a phenomenon of Czech music festivals as well as other events. However, their production is no easy task. They are produced by a technology known as injection moulding using various machines, tools and devices. The plastic material is heated above its melting point and forced into a closed mold defining the shape of the product. When the plastic material has cooled, it can be extracted from the mold. But that’s just a beginning of the cup’s long journey to festival stands.

Resource-efficient production requires fast and accurate communication among all production chain members, who need to discuss possible issues (repairs etc.). The technical equipment needed includes a press (injection molding machine), mold (also referred to as a tool) and various accessories. Smooth functioning of the whole system is ensured by MachineLOG IT. Below you’ll find out how MachineLOG IT can streamline the production process.   

Nicknack cups were amply used by the visitors to the Colours of Ostrava festival

MachineLOG IT Streamlines Communication

MachineLOG IT allows for fast communication among all members of the production chain. During the production of Nicknack cups it ensured easy order placement and production management.

All the involved parties have online access to all production-related data, which eliminates endless e-mail and phone communications. What production stage are you in? How many parts have already been produced? When is the project going to be done? All this information is available in real time and from anywhere in the world. Thus, the main benefits of the use of MachineLOG IT in Nicknack cup production were time savings and streamlining of the production process.

MLIT Keeps You Updated

Thanks to MachineLOG IT, all the participants in the production process are kept updated about all production-related aspects. The system tracks all the relevant information, namely:

  • whether the company has enough material in stock for production;
  • whether the process conditions meet the necessary requirements; and
  • how many parts need to be produced;
  • also, it tracks all the stages of the production process (from injection up to printing and packaging).  

MachineLOG IT is a significant work-saver for everyone involved in the production process, from the investor to operators. The investor’s interface provides them with information on the progress of work in the manufacturing company, while machine operators can easily find out more about the part to be produced, including material, colour and the use of films for IML. The MachineLOG IT system stores complete order descriptions.   

MLIT Facilitates Troubleshooting

Even when producing a geometrically simple part such as the returnable Nicknack cup you need to be prepared for the occurrence of problems during production. MachineLOG IT sends just-in-time notifications to all the involved parties.

MachineLOG IT also functions as a highly efficient service system. Service operations are greatly facilitated by a database of machine and tool data and their sharing among technicians. The operators only need to scan the component’s QR code and enter a description of the defect, after which the system searches through a database of already solved issues and presents a proven solution to the problem.

In addition, MachineLOG IT ensures that a record is made of each repair, from the moment of notification until the final output. Easy ordering of spare parts is another advantage of the MachineLOG IT system.

At the End There is the Nicknack Cup

Thanks to MachineLOG IT the visitors to the Colours of Ostrava music festival could drink from elegant plastic cups that could be returned afterwards so that the festival grounds were free from overflowing rubbish bins.

Of course, Nicknack cups are not the only product whose manufacture can benefit from MachineLOG IT. Would you like to know how MachineLOG IT can help your project? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to arrange a no-obligation meeting with you to find out how our system can make your production process more efficient and less costly.


Photo source: nicknack.cz

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