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Cross-Continental Production Management: MachineLOG IT Connects Production Members from Around the World

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A typical production chain has a number of participants, including the investor, molding shop, construction group, toolworks and supplier. How do you efficiently connect these when they are each located in a different continent? How do you ensure fast and accurate communication so that the management is kept in the picture and the technicians know about all performed service operations? Use our MachineLOG IT! The system will help you with information sharing and production management, at the same time reducing your production costs.

What MachineLOG IT Can Bring to Your Company

Our unique MachineLOG IT system will bring numerous benefits to your company.
The management of companies participating in the production process will be kept updated, among other things, on the number of parts produced and all service operations. The know-how sharing will facilitate service, spare part ordering and access to machine and tool instruction manuals.

All the above benefits would be of little use if they were available to one company only and would have to be conveyed in complicated ways to the company’s fellow workers in different parts of the world. However, with MachineLOG IT, all the important information is shared in real time with all the relevant participants in the production process.

Thanks to MachineLOG IT all participants in the production chain will always have updated information. 

Overcoming Time Zone Barriers

A machine failure has occurred? Would you like to inform your business partners about the course of the production process? Do you need to quickly order spare parts? What used to take days or even weeks, with MachineLOG IT can be handled in a matter of seconds!

You will no longer experience unpleasant midnight calls from your colleagues located in a different time zone. There will be no tedious transcribing of information, no large attachment files and unclear e-mails. All information that your business partners and colleagues may need can be easily fed into the system and made accessible for all.

  • It is a cloud-based solution – everything is online.
  • You can use any device to log into the system with your user name and password.
  • A free App is available for mobile phones and tablets.
  • Thanks to a graduated system of access privileges the ability to access data can be restricted to appropriate users only.

You will no longer have to wait days on end for a reply to your e-mail. It will only take one login for your business partners to obtain complete and accurate information on the production process and repairs.

Doing Away with Language Barriers

Besides geographic distance and time zones, MachineLOG IT will also help you overcome language barriers. The system features a simple interface for translators. Also, once you have logged in the system identifies the language of your device and automatically switches to that language. The different language versions are particularly useful when using automatic generation of machine and tool manuals. Online chats can be translated semi-automatically. 

Streamline Your Production

Fast and accurate communication is the basis of all production processes. MachineLOG IT will help you avoid misunderstandings and streamline your production pipeline as well as the whole production. Would you like to get ahead of your competitors? We will be happy to arrange a no-obligation meeting with you to discuss how MachineLOG IT can boost your project. Get in touch with us.

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