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MachineLOG IT: Automatic Creation of Technical Manuals to Cut Costs

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Are you wondering how to avoid time-consuming training of technicians that are new to the company? Could you do with a tool to efficiently share instruction manuals for machines and tools with your colleagues, and to simplify continuous manual updating? Then you will certainly appreciate and benefit from MachineLOG IT’s automated manual creation tool.

MachineLOG IT allows for easy sharing of manuals with all participants in the production chain. 

What Will MachineLOG IT Manuals Mean for Your Company?

MachineLOG IT will provide you with various types of user’s manuals for machines and tools. Using MachineLOG IT to streamline your production will bring your company numerous benefits:

  • The system will lower the costs associated with manual creation, including their different language versions, simplifying the whole process and making manuals readily available for translation while at the same time protecting them from misuse.
  • MachineLOG IT manuals can be easily updated and shared with all the relevant persons.
  • The system provides highly efficient 24/7 service so that many repairs can be done self-help, without the need for consultations from outside experts (who may be located in a completely different time zone).
  • Containing important data that can prolong the lifetime of machines and tools, the system also contributes to accident prevention.

What Problems Can MLIT Manuals Help Your With?

MachineLOG IT allows for easy creation, updating and translation of manuals that are then made accessible for all production chain members, anytime and from anywhere. It can also help you with the following:

  • Training of new service technicians; with the aid of manuals the training will take a shorter time. None of your time will be wasted on deciphering illegible drawings or asking for help from a grumpy leaving employee who “has it all in his head”.
  • Sharing of information among all production chain members facilitates the process of machine transfer. With reliable manuals at hand, you and your employees will be able to operate a new machine in virtually no time.   
  • The system features a user-friendly yet well-protected interface for translators to facilitate translation of manuals into your mother language. 

What Manuals in MachineLOG IT Look Like

Electronic manuals can be navigated far more easily than print manuals. In addition to easy searching they allow for the incorporation of links to additional sources of information. They can also be broken into smaller, easily digestible units.

Print manuals, by contrast, can hardly be divided in this way, not to mention the inability to share them. Therefore, it is necessary to convert the existing print manuals into an electronic form. As the database of already solved problems grows, step-by-step manuals can be added.   

Step-by-step manuals significantly shorten the whole service procedure. Technical support is only needed when a defect cannot be corrected using step-by-step manuals. 

With MachineLOG IT, updated information will be available to all participants in the production process. 

You Always Have Updated Information

Print manuals and scans embedded in locked PDF files are difficult to be updated. However, technologies evolve and service procedures get optimized, too. Why would anyone want to waste their time on outdated procedures?

MachineLOG IT provides its users with an always updated support system because revision of electronic manuals is very easy. Thus, all production chain members that have access to the system’s interface will always get relevant and up-to-date information. Also, all manuals in the system can be made available for translation into the technicians’ mother tongue by creating a translator account.

MachineLOG IT: Way More than Updated Manuals

In addition to the above, our MachineLOG IT has many more benefits for your company. It will help you with record keeping and spare part ordering and, most importantly, it will make your production process more efficient and faster while saving your money.    

Would you like to know how MachineLOG IT could be beneficial for your project? Take the first step towards getting ahead of your competitors – get in touch with us.

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