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Want a Simple and Online Production Management Tool? MachineLOG IT Brings a Technological Revolution

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The process of injection molding of, for instance, returnable plastic cups is no easy task. What if something goes wrong? How do you ensure smooth communication among the supplier, molding shop, construction group, toolworks and the investor? Phone calls are unreliable and e-mail communication can get lengthy, particularly if several time zones are involved. MachineLOG IT has been developed to ensure that every participant in the production process is kept perfectly updated. It is a unique support system that is available online and can reliably and efficiently connect all participants in the production process. 

Being available online, MachineLOG IT can reliably connect all participants in the production process.

What Can MachineLOG IT Help You With?

MachineLOG IT has been designed to help you streamline your production as well as service processes.

  • You are always updated on the course of production, including the number of parts produced.
  • You have a tool to help you with semi-automated manual creation.
  • MachineLOG IT facilitates spare part ordering.
  • A useful knowledge database is built out of automatically made service records.

The above data can be accessed by all those involved in the production process – anytime and from anywhere. One of the main advantages of MachineLOG IT is its availability online without the need to install anything.       

Online Only

Have you imagined that it will take several IT experts to get such a complex software running? We have a pleasant news for you: the system is a cloud-based solution hosted on our servers. Therefore, no installation is necessary.

Anyone with access into the system can easily log in using their user name and password. A free App for Android and iOS is available for smartphones and tablets.

Data Available Anytime and From Anywhere

Are you faced with inaccuracies in production? Are you in need of service or machine/tool spare parts? Forget about lengthy and unreliable phone calls, time-consuming e-mail descriptions of defects, waiting for replies and downtimes. What used to take days or even weeks can now be handled in a matter of minutes with a few smartphone clicks.

A mobile App ensures fast and flexible access into the system. Every machine and tool has a QR code that only needs to be scanned and uploaded into the App to readily provide the technician with all the information they need to perform a service operation. The system contains records of all service operations to keep everyone updated on what has been done.  

Streamline your Production with a Professional System

MachineLOG IT meets all the requirements placed on software for commercial use while accommodating the demands of a professional production process, namely:

  • low cost;
  • graduated access privileges (company management, technicians, external translators – they all can be granted different access rights);
  • guaranteed availability from anywhere in real time – everything is online, you only need a user name and a password;
  • unlimited access to the system from any device(s).

Are you wondering how to drive down production costs while at the same time increasing the efficiency of service? Would you like to save yourself and your employees significant amounts of work? Find out how MachineLOG IT works! Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to arrange a no-obligation meeting with you to discuss how our system can be beneficial for your project.

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