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We Are Helping JAN SVOBODA, We Can Streamline Your Production Too

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You probably know that scenario: something has broken down and the spare part ordering process takes days or even weeks. Production slows down and you and your partners are getting increasingly nervous, particularly as the situation necessitates frequent and flexible communication across different time zones. JAN SVOBODA was experiencing problems like these, too. However, the introduction of MachineLOG IT has considerably sped up and simplified the whole process. How was that possible? You’ll find out below!

Companies Differ, Problems Are the Same

JAN SVOBODA specializes in technical consulting and selling of semi-finished products and components for injection molding and light metal casting molds. Their production (just like any production) revolves around speed, simplicity and comprehensibility, both of the production process as such and of communication.

But how do you ensure smooth communication when the other companies participating in production are located in different parts of the world? How do you ensure that everyone has up-to-date information on the number of produced parts, service operations and machines and tools? How do you increase efficiency while cutting costs? The answer is – MachineLOG IT.

The difference is in quality – which decidedly improves with MachineLOG IT.

How MachineLOG IT Helped

MachineLOG IT took away the pains of week-long waitings for e-mail replies, time-consuming and inaccurate transcribing of paper documents and “emergency” midnight calls from colleagues located in a completely different time zone. Storing all data related to the production process and service operations, the system also functions as a comprehensive knowledge database.

After logging in the system, each company involved in production has access to all the necessary information. MachineLOG IT runs online, meaning that the data are collected and shared in real time. Also, multiple language versions can be created thanks to a simple translation interface.

MachineLOG IT has been introduced into the JAN SVOBODA company to support the production of all the parts the company supplies. The system minimized downtimes during production, much to the satisfaction of the users of the company’s wide range of products.

MachineLOG IT can connect all participants in the production process, no matter where in the world they are. 

Make Work Easier For Yourself and Your Employees

In addition to keeping the management of the involved companies updated on the whole production process, MachineLOG IT will also save you and your technicians significant amounts of work.

The system features a mobile App for uploading QR codes for fast machine or tool identification. Then, the automated database can be used to find the correct solution to the problem. It takes just a few clicks to order spare parts from a pre-defined supplier.

MachineLOG IT can also help you share your know-how. Manuals for machines and tools can easily be created and updated in the system. The system’s data archiving function opens up wide possibilities for the analysis of data related to production and service.

MachineLOG IT Can Help Your Project, Too   

“The difference is in quality” – that’s the motto of JAN SVOBODA. And quality goes hand in hand with efficiency, which is significantly improved with MachineLOG IT. Using the system you can streamline communication with your partners, speed up repairs and get ahead of your competitors. We will be happy to arrange a no-obligation meeting with you to discuss how MachineLOG IT can be beneficial for your project. Get in touch with us.

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