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MachineLOG IT Caught the Experts’ Eyes at IEF 2018

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Our stand at the International Engineering Fair 2018 attracted representatives of numerous noteworthy companies. And rightfully so: the unique MachineLOG IT system truly stood out. Read below why it attracted the attention of experts and find out how the system can be beneficial for your project.

IEF 2018: MachineLOG IT Couldn’t Have Been Missing

With an annual attendance of more than 1 600 exhibitors and 80 000 expert visitors, the International Engineering Fair is the most prestigious event of its kind in Central Europe.

MachineLOG IT at IEF 2018.

We couldn’t have been missing from an event like that, all the more so as 79 % of the visitors to the Fair participate in the decision-making related to investments and purchases, and one third are part of Top Management of a wide range of companies.

Each year the International Engineering Fair covers all the key areas of the engineering and electrotechnical industries, and MachineLOG IT’s versatility made it the centre of attention of experts from many different fields.

MachineLOG IT: Keep Yourself Updated

MachineLOG IT uses company JAN SVOBODA for the whole range of supplied products. Thanks to its simplicity, comprehensibility and easy operation the system minimizes downtimes and saves costs.

At our stand we managed to establish contacts with several experts. Comprehensive knowledge base, manuals, history of service operations and other information collected by MachineLOG IT makes the system attractive for anyone who wants to be kept fully updated on the production process. The system also enables fast and accurate communication among all the members of the production chain while minimizing downtimes and production costs.

Did You Miss the Fair? No Problem!

You missed the IEF 2018? We’ll be happy to arrange a no-obligation meeting where you’ll find out how MachineLOG IT works and how it can be beneficial for your project. Take the first step towards a streamlined and more transparent production processget in touch with us. 

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