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Smart Technologies Run on All Modern Devices

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Do you need to have your knowledge base and manuals at hand? Do you want to be sure that all the important information is accessible to investors, service technicians, distributors and suppliers? The information in the MachineLOG IT service system can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Smart technologies run on any device. You’ll no longer have to deal with technical problems and the resultant downtimes. 

You can run MachineLOG IT not only on PC, but also on mobile phones and tablets.

Think You Need a Powerful Computer? Use Your Phone Instead!

High-performance computers are no longer a prerequisite for the administration of a large service system. MachineLOG IT is a comprehensive service system for the injection moulding industry that runs on all modern devices. Whether you use a PC, notebook, tablet or a smartphone, you can easily access all the necessary data within a second.

No matter how complex the production process is or how many time zones it involves, with a MachineLOG IT mobile App you’ll have your data at hand 24/7.

Keep Yourself Updated While in the Shop or Office

Your investors, technicians and suppliers don’t have to use a particular technology or operating system; they are free to choose whichever device they prefer without the stability or functionality of MachineLOG IT being affected.

Thanks to the system’s compatibility, you and your employees will be kept updated in real time on the production processes, whether you are in your office or in the molding shop. Unlike PCs, tablets and mobile phones are portable and so they can be placed with injection molding machines and tools. MachineLOG IT provides support for technicians as well as for the management, who always have real-time information. Also, MachineLOG IT significantly simplifies spare-part inventory checks.

Well-tuned Apps for Android and iOS

We’re not going to try to persuade you that either of the operating systems is the best. Our applications run smoothly on Android and iOS alike. The software has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with both operating systems and we can guarantee its flawless functionality. The applications have been designed with a view to ensuring intuitive operation, immediate access to all the data and easy creation of different language versions.

Check Your Process Parameters While on the Road

Do you travel often to visit your business partners and negotiate contracts? Don’t worry: MachineLOG IT will keep you updated on all the production processes during your business trips as well. It only takes a few clicks for you to learn about all the service operations, repairs, missing material and other aspects of production. Even if you are on the other side of the globe, our system will make it feel as if you were physically present in the company, which you, your customers and suppliers will certainly appreciate.

You can download the applications for free at App Store and Google Play and see for yourself that our smart technologies are truly easy to use. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to introduce MachineLOG IT to you in detail and help you streamline your production process.

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