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Wondering How to Efficiently Train New Staff? Find out How MachineLOG IT Helped BALZI

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Let’s imagine that the most experienced technicians have left your company. Most likely it would take a very long time to train their displacements. MachineLOG IT facilitates staff training by readily providing the new employees with all the information they need to be able to smoothly operate your machines and tools. Get inspired by how MachineLOG IT helped at the BALZI company.

Need to Smoothly Replace Experienced Employees?

Leaving of experienced workers is a major slow-down for any production, particularly if it is the machine operators with precisely the right knowledge who have left. It can take weeks or even months to find an outside trainer to train your new hires to be able to operate the equipment you need for the project.

And this is when MachineLOG IT comes to your help. Tracking all the information related to production, service operations, machines and tools, the system serves as a knowledge base. It also contains electronic manuals that facilitate machine operation.

Efficient know-how sharing among company members as well as among different companies is one of the main benefits of MachineLOG IT.

How MachineLOG IT Became a Useful Production Assistant at BALZI’s 

At BALZI’s they were often witnessing the scenario described above. Every now and then their products were lying idle at customer companies because experienced operators had left the company and a trainer had to be called in to introduce new employees into the job.

Now that the customer companies are using MachineLOG IT along with its shared knowledge base, no outside trainers are needed. The system’s database contains full information for every machine and tool, including clearly structured step-by-step manuals. The companies save great amounts of time and they can enjoy the potential of BALZI’s products to the full.  

MachineLOG IT: More than Know-How Sharing

The introduction of MachineLOG IT will help your company in many ways. In addition to providing you with a knowledge base and manuals the system will keep you perfectly updated on the production process and service operations.

MachineLOG IT – that’s simplicity, transparency and efficiency of production and service. For instance spare part ordering, which used to take days or even weeks, can now be done with a few smartphone clicks, after which a preselected supplier will start dealing with your order.

Streamline Your Production

Get inspired by the BALZI company where MachineLOG IT facilitates machine- and tool-related knowledge sharing. You may not be able to prevent people from leaving your company, but you can have a tool to quickly and efficiently train new employees. Get in touch with us to arrange a no-obligation consultation.   

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