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Keeping an Eye on Everything

MachineLOG IT is a comprehensive knowledge database collecting data related to operation, maintenance and service and making them available for you from anywhere in the world.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Production and Service

MachineLOG IT minimizes downtimes related to production and service support. The whole process of production and service can be tracked online, making it possible to check whether the individual steps were performed correctly (and whether they were performed in the first place).  The system features a semi-automatically updated database of problems and their solutions. No information gets lost in the course of the production or due to personnel changes. The database can serve to continually improve the services and the effectiveness of the production process. 

How does it work?

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Taking Care of All the Stages and Aspects of Production


Manual creation, updating and translation have never been easier. The manuals are accessible for all the participants in the production chain, regardless of their time zone or the time of day.

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Spare Parts

MachineLOG IT significantly simplifies spare parts management, allowing for easy identification of spare parts and ensuring expert installation. The spare parts suggested by the system are always up to date.

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Knowledge base

The system records all the details of service operations and provides extensive options for analysis. The resulting knowledge database is valuable in the development of new products.

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Regular collection of information and an excellent system of communication significantly speed up the service process, eliminating unnecessary delays and information noise.

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MachineLOG IT functions as a reliable data archive. It aids the equipment setup and service as well as the process of transfer to a new owner.

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All the information needed to quickly remedy a problem is available in time and in many language versions.

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How It Works

The system consists of an encrypted database with graduated access rights, containing a complete description of a tool, its history and movements as well as its current state. The database can be accessed from various devices


Accessing the database from a desktop PC you will be able to make extensive changes. Information can be loaded into the database in a fast and easy manner, including graphic/visual documentation.

Cloud-based Database

Your data will be stored in a cloud-based system hosted on our servers. The advantages of a cloud-based solution include low purchase costs, automated information updating and guaranteed accessibility from anywhere in the world. MachineLOG IT meets all the requirements placed on software for company environments. Using the system you will have the benefit of an unlimited number of accesses.

Mobile App

Mobile applications allow for a fast and expeditious access into the database; this can significantly speed up identification and service operations. Each machine/tool is equipped with a unique QR code that can be scanned by a smartphone or tablet with a MachineLOG IT App. Depending on the technician’s access rights the application will provide them with relevant data, making it possible to perform the necessary operations.

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