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Who MachineLOG IT is Helping Already

Our MachineLOG IT is currently saving time and money to companies using machines and tools for plastics and light-metal moulding and also cutting and forming tools. Have a look at who we have the honour of collaborating with. 


The MachineLOG system is used for complete production control in the moulding shop. We have simplified the documentation, the production assignment, it is clear under what conditions the technology works and why. Among other things, our employees have backed up that they have done everything right, and at the same time management has an online overview of the production and continuation of orders.


To support our engine cylinders with MachineLOG IT, we have chosen to increase the user’s enjoyment of our rollers. Despite the high quality of our parts, an accident can happen occasionally, and our partners’ staff can quickly, efficiently and accurately identify what they need to solve the situation.


We were not able to use our business units because trained staff had left them and had to call a technician to retrain new staff. With MachineLOG IT, companies can train themselves and the efficiency of using our stuff has risen sharply.


Czech and Slovak support has been greatly simplified thanks to the use of MachineLOG IT. Difficult situations of spare parts identification often by unskilled service or older systems have shortened from days to about one hour. Our partners also highly appreciate the rapid response to technological consultations.


The MachineLOG IT system has been deployed to support all of our supplied parts. Simplicity, clarity, speed and demonstrability result in more satisfied users and minimizing downtime during production.