A Path towards Future Development

From the very first day of using MachineLOG IT you are investing into the future of your company. The database stores data on service operations related to products, manufacturing procedures and customers; none of the information gets lost. In this way the system functions as a valuable source of data for problem prevention, product development and for maximizing the efficiency of service.

Main benefits:

  • Continuous Updating
    Data collection is a never-ending process. MachineLOG IT broadens the knowledge bases related to machines and tools, thus increasing the accuracy of outputs and maximizing the efficiency of service and development.
  • Elimination of Recurring Failures
    MachineLOG IT stores a history of failures. Each entry includes all the relevant circumstances and a description of problem removal. In this way the manufacturing company can easily predict problem situations, improve its products and provide efficient service.
  • Data Analyses
    The system allows analyzing all possible combinations of connections among companies, people, machines, tools, devices, technologies, materials and operations.
  • Development of New Products
    The system’s database is as a valuable source of information that significantly contributes to the development of new products. It also gives its user a competitive advantage over the companies that let key data get lost in the course of the production process.