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New Generation of Support

MachineLOG IT introduces a new generation of customer support for the injection moulding industry, including tools, machines and larger technological units. It is the only service-providing system that connects all members of the production chain.

All the information is online, clearly arranged and continually updated so that all members of the production chain can quickly access whatever data they need. MachineLOG IT makes customer support easier for the engineers and provides a reliable real-time knowledge base for the management.

MachineLOG IT is suitable for both small companies/company divisions and multinational corporations. You can use it exclusively or in combination with an existing IT system. It is beneficial for all the members of the production process.

MachineLOG IT

Data on production and service

The system keeps you up to date about the course of the production process. In case of any interruption you are informed about the causes and circumstances and you know precisely what steps need to be taken in order to remove the problem. The Smart Manual and support that are available online shorten the service time and eliminate any unnecessary delays.

With MachineLOG IT, service and repairs are easy. You can quickly identify the type and version of a machine or tool, with the system readily providing the most likely diagnosis of the problem. If the situation requires it you can contact an expert online and obtain an expert advice. It is similarly easy to identify and order current spare parts.

MachineLOG IT collects all the important data, providing you with the key knowledge needed to improve product design. It protects you from repeating what did not work in the past as well as from unnecessary complaints. You will find all the contact information conveniently grouped in one place. 

You always have accurate information at hand, including a complete and clear task description. You know precisely what type of machine a tool or spare part is for. Missing information can be obtained in no time and without unnecessary delays. All the important contact information is available online.

The Smart Manual maximizes the efficiency of service support. You don’t have to ensure 24/7 availability of service engineers because many problems can be handled by the customer themselves. Thanks to the system providing the most up-to-date spare parts for a range of tools you have an increased chance of boosting your spare parts sale rates – even if you don’t primarily supply the given tool.


Benefits of MachineLOG IT

Improved Availability of Information

The unwieldy and costly printed documents are replaced with electronic documentation. In the online database you will only find information that is complete, regularly updated and authorized – accessible online, anytime and from anywhere.

Keeping Track of All the Data

With MachineLOG IT you never lose any information. All the technological data and responsible persons can always be identified and you always know when there are downtimes. Also, technological parameters of tools and machines can easily be shared with other companies involved in the production process.

Speedy Communication

Email communication can no longer be considered the top of effectiveness or reliability. By using real-time communication we reduce the communication exchange loop from days to hours. All the relevant information can be accessed by all the members of the production chain. Support, service and spare part management are fast & effective. 

Sharing of Experience

All the important data are stored by the system and form a part of the company’s unique knowledge base that can be shared with a new owner of a machine or new team members.

Easier Operation

Machine operators can greatly benefit from electronic guides. Production logging (total number of parts, number of rejects, duration and cause of downtimes etc.) can be done at the moulding shop simultaneously with production. Operation logbooks are kept automatically; maintenance management is likewise easy.


The open-source API makes it possible to connect the MachineLOG IT system with any accounting software. The system can either complement an existing one or it can be used exclusively where no other IT system is in place. Graduated access control provides superb security, protecting the data from misuse and abuse.

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