MachineLOG IT provides varying types of manuals, including standard and step-by-step ones and technical recommendations. All the manuals are stored in one place so that they can be regularly updated. The system supports creating multi-language versions of manuals: an uploaded manual in a particular (primary) language can be easily translated into other languages. Centralized data storage ensures terminological continuity of the translations so that the texts can be easily understood by foreign workers.

Main benefits:

  • Lower Costs
    Eliminating the complex creation and verification procedures, MachineLOG IT significantly reduces the costs associated with the creation of manuals and their foreign language versions. Translation can either be done by a language translator, or an already existing translated text from a database can be used. The knowledge database is protected against misappropriation by the translator.
  • Currency and Availability
    The voluminous, outdated or “mislaid” manuals become a thing of the past. MachineLOG IT’s digital archive and database allow for easy creation and updating of electronic manuals that are accessible “just-in-time” for all the participants in the production chain, from anywhere in the world.
  • Efficient Service 24/7
    Simple repairs can be done on-site by the customer. The practical, illustrated step-by-step manuals guide the technician through a troubleshooting procedure so that there is no need for repeated consultations with service technicians located in another time zone. In this way the system reduces the demands and costs placed on customer service centres.
  • Accident Prevention
    The manuals contain a description of the necessary maintenance procedures, including a supervision system to monitor their execution. As a consequence, fewer service technicians and spare parts are needed, and longer machine/tool service lives are achieved.