Fast & Reliable Service Support

Traditional service support systems are hindered by data shortages, information noises, language problems and slow communication. The MachineLOG IT system gets round all these complications. Whether you’re a moulding shop, supplier or a manufacturer, you always have all the necessary information at hand – in time, online and in many language versions.

Main benefits:

  • Real-time Communication
    Correct identification of a problem requires sufficient amount of information. You don’t have to wait for an e-mail anymore. The necessary information can quickly be obtained through online chat, including photographs and documentation.
  • Fast Troubleshooting
    You don’t have to try all the possible solutions to a problem; the system keeps a record of all the previous problems, along with their respective problem-solving procedures. A simple search through the database can save you days of work, making it possible to eliminate ineffective problem-solving steps.
  • Less of Administrative Work
    MachineLOG IT will save you from repeated descriptions of a problem (if you’re a moulding shop) or problem-solving procedures (if you’re a supplier). The Manuals are available online and can be accessed by all those involved in the production process.
  • No Language Barriers
    MachineLOG IT identifies the language of your mobile device and switches to that language automatically, including manuals. Online chat can be translated semi-automatically. With no language barriers getting in the way the efficiency of service support is maximized.