Spare parts

Spare part issues can be a major slow-down factor in production. The MachineLOG IT system adds a great amount of simplicity, accuracy and efficiency to your spare part management, from their identification and rapid supply to expert handling and sales.

Main benefits:

  • Fast Identification
    The identification of spare parts is easy and involves little administrative work. You only need to scan the product’s QR code and the system recommends a relevant spare part that has been entered by the manufacturer.
  • Updating
    You’ll no longer have to worry about outdated or unavailable spare parts. The regularly updated database will always provide you with a current spare part equivalent approved by the manufacturer of a machine or tool.
  • Expert Assembly
    Ordering of spare parts and their replacement are ensured by a competent technician. The system contains an updated manual for every spare part. The good availability of manuals along with a graduated access rights system prevents complaints and protects the company’s reputation.
  • Boost Your Share of Supplies
    The customer (toolroom, injection moulding shop) often orders spare parts from different suppliers. If you are a supplier, our spare parts database will make you more visible and increase the chances of your spare parts being chosen by the customer.