Detailed Logbook for the Owner

MachineLOG IT is a reliable data archive storing large amounts of important data. It speeds up service processes, eliminates unfounded complaints and increases the efficiency of production. Also, it significantly aids the transfer of a machine or tool to a new owner.

Main benefits:

  • Easy Support
    MachineLOG IT records all the technical data related to a machine or tool, thus facilitating product version identification and eliminating problems associated with data loss. Technical support is fast & accurate.
  • Easy Stocktaking
    Detailed records provide a basis for the compulsory physical stocktaking. This provides the manufacturer of a machine or tool with a considerable competitive advantage.
  • Workload Scaling
    The current owner is known and can be contacted to arrange a planned maintenance date. In this way service workload can be evenly distributed across the calendar year to reduce seasonal work overload of service technicians.
  • Owner and History Records
    Technical data collection begins at the moment of demand. Data on the purpose of use include the names of people/companies that will be utilizing the tool or machine. Because operation and maintenance are always in line with manuals, there are no unfounded complaints or risks that the company’s good name would be harmed.